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Santa Gertrudes Hystory. On   June   18th   of   1821,   Brigadier   Manoel   Rodrigues   Jordan   and   his   wife   Dona   Gertrudes   de   Oliveira   Galvão   Lacerda   acquired   glebe   "Laranja   Azeda"   part   of Sesmaria   Morro   Azul.   With   the   death   of   Mrs.   Gertrude,   the   plot   was   passed   to   her   son,   Mr.   Amador   Jordan   Rodrigues   de   Lacerda   -   Barao   de   Sao   Joao   do   Rio Claro   in   1848.   It   was   formed   in   1854   from   a   sugar   and   coffee   farm,   Fazenda   Santa   Gertrudes   in   1866,   rose   the   chapel   of   St.   Gertrude   on   the   farm.   In   1876,   he built   up   a   station   near   the   Lawn   Farm   to   meet   the   railroad   and   around   it   developed   into   a   town.   In   1898,   the   chapel   was   restored   with   a   wooden   altar.   In   the   year February   20,   1900   the   chapel   was   added   to   the   Basilica   Santa   Lataratense.   That's   when   Rome   started   giving   the   indulgences   of   Pope   Leo   XII.   The   installation   of the   electricity   in   the   town   of   Gramado   (on April   13,   1908)   authorized   by   the   city   of   Rio   Claro   -   draft   law   authorized   by   village   representative   Mr. Amancio   de Araujo Lima   accelerated   its   grouth.   In   September   29th   of   1918,   settled   the   Peace   District   of   Santa   Gertrudes   (Law   No.   1527   of   December   24,   1916).   In   1925   it   built   by the   curia   of   St.   Joachim   Church,   patron   of   the   district,   on   land   donated   by   Raphael   Joaquim   da   Rocha.   Law   No.   233   of   December   24th,   1948,   raises   the   Distrito da   Paz   de   Santa   Gertrudes   the   category   of   independent   municipality   of   Rio   Claro. At   March   13th   of   1949   is   held   the   first   election   being   nominated   Oscar   Raphael da   Rocha   mayor.   Yet   this   year,   remodeled   the   garden,   built   up   the   city   and   created   the   service   water   supply.   Law   No.   413   of   12th   of   June   of   1967   regulating   the commemoration of the city which is being on 16 agosto. Economic aspects Initially   coffee   farms   grounded   in   the   current   economy,   today   it's   taken   by   the   Ceramic   Industry,   which   developed   starting   from   the   production   of   tiles.   One   of   the largest   ceramic   regions   of   the   Americas,   the   city   of   Santa   Gertrudes   now   accounts   for   one   third   (1/3)   of   domestic   flooring   and   ceramics.   Great   technology, constant   improvement   in   production   and   labor-intensive,   investments   put   Santa   Gertrudes   highlighted   in   the   plan   internacional.   highlighting   with   advanced technologies   from   the   industries   of   floors   and   tiles,   and   not   least   is   the   exquisite   handmade   pottery   with   their   lathes   and   wood-fired   brick   ovens. The   production   of the   clay   artisans   has   attracted   buyers   from   different   parts   of   the   country   and   abroad   via   internet.   The   activities   of   these   two   types   of   industry   are   opening   and growing   a   channel   that   will   bring   numerous   benefits   to   the   municipality:   Comercial Turism. A   craftsmanship   extends   to   other   types   of   work. About   16   local   artisans produce   biscuit   pieces,   candles   and   decorative   fruits,   soaps,   art   journal,   paint   fabric,   canvas,   wood   and   ceramic,   mosaic,   plaster   parts,   packaging,   candy   paraffin, etc.. Souce: Official website of City Hall of Santa Gertrudes:
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